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Ringtone Media Studio is a great application for your mobile phone. For sure that you have seen those ads on Tv that offers you ringtones and videos, but they are too expensive. Now and thanks to Ringtone edia Studio you can create your ringtones out of your favorite songs, transform videos, edit photos and transfer hem to your mobile phone at home.

The first thing you have to do is to choose your mobile phone model from the list, don't worry it's sure it will be there, because the list is updated frequently.

Its interface is really intuitive and it is divided into several sections, each one for a different purpose:

Melody Studio is the part that lets you select your favorite music extracts and use them as ring tones for your mobile phone. You only have to choose your song and the part of it you like, when finished, just transfer it to your phone via Bluetooth, infrared or air. Melody Studio converts sound files, including those from audio CDs, to a format which is compatible with your mobile phone. Are you a novice? The wizard shows you how to select an extract and send it to your mobile phone.

Video Studio helps you in creating and editing mobile phone videos.

Image Studio enables you to transfer an image from your computer to your mobile phone, use it as a screen background or a screen saver, or send it to your friends. It transforms your pictures and makes them suit your mobile screen automatically.

Finally, if you create an account, you can access online media library, send pictures and ringtones to your friends, have a personalized list online,...

If you want to tune your phone, don't hesitate, this is a very cheap and interesting choice. Create ringtones, backgrounds and videos and transfer them to your mobile phone via Cable, bluetooth or infrared for free.
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